Inauguration Ceremony of HANDS Water & Sanitation Project; HANDS entered into another sector of community development i.e. Water & Sanitation with the collaboration of Feroza Hasham Foundation. The inauguration ceremony of water and sanitation project was held on 23rd August 1998 at Aali goth near Gabol Stop, Gadap. Prof. A.G. Billoo -Chairman HANDS, Dr. Saeed Ismail - Vice Chairman HANDS, Feroza Hasham Foundation, Bannhn Beli and members of local CBOs graced this auspicious occasion. In the end Prof. A. G. Billoo, along with other participants visited the site of boring in Aali goth and laid down the foundation stone and prayed for success of desirable goals.

Inauguration ceremony of HANDS-KSM project was held on 22nd Nov, 1998 in Sukkur. Prof. Abdul Gaffar Billoo - Chairman HANDS was the Chief Guest. Other guests participated in the ceremony were; Dr. Saeed Ismail - Vice Chairman HANDS, Prof. Inayat Thaver - Secretary General HANDS, Mr. Ghulam Hussain - Finance Secretary HANDS, Dr. Sh.Tanveer Ahmed - Program Coordinator HANDS, Ms. Lucy Palmer -Training Manager KSM and Manager Sindh & Baluchistan region Mr. Hashim Noorani. More than 100 doctors, chemists, paramedics and other dignitaries participated. Addressing the participants, Prof. Billoo emphasized the need of birth spacing. He said that 25% children born in Pakistan are of low birth weight, while 30,000 women die each year due to complications of pregnancy. Other speakers also highlighted the need of awareness and availability of supportive material in population welfare and child spacing.

National Polio Days; A national campaign against polio was held on 16th December & 9th February 1998 and second dose of polio vaccine was given to children under five years of age throughout Pakistan. HANDS, like previous occasions enthusiastically participated in this campaign. Thirteen field teams were made in Karachi and Hala in which more than 50 doctors, LHVs and about 800 community health workers participated in the campaign. These teams visited all five districts of Karachi, Taluka Hala and Mutiari of Hyderabad, Taluka Tando Adam and Shehdadpur of Sanghar, Taluka Thana Bola Khan of Dadu and gave Polio drops to 40851
children. A rally was held in Hala that started from Bhit Shah and after covering Hala finished at Bhit Shah again. Objective of this rally was to create awareness among masses to immunize their children against polio.

Evaluation of National immunization days was conducted by WHO a survey to evaluate national polio day vaccination campaign held countrywide on 27th December 1997. Government of Pakistan conducts Polio vaccination campaign twice every year as a part of its strategic planning. This is in addition to regular vaccination program run by EPI. Pakistan was divided into 16 while Sindh into 3 clusters for the evaluation by WHO. Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed, Program Coordinator HANDS was among the team members, which took part in evaluation. This team was led by Dr. Hamid Jafery of WHO and also included project Director EPI, Iran, Dr. Perwaiz Wazirali. The team conducted the survey in district Badin and Karachi South from 8th Jan - 13 Jan 1998. According to initial reports of Survey Polio drops were given to 90% children under 5 years of age.

International Volunteers Day; Volunteer day Organizing Committee celebrated International Volunteer day on 5th December 1998. A program was held in Karachi in which shields were awarded to renowned social workers. Prof. A. G. Billoo - Chairman HANDS was among those who received shields from Governor of Sindh Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider for working in social sector.

Hands Organized Seminar On Respiratory Infections (ARI) In Children For General Practitioners; HANDS organized a one-day seminar on acute respiratory infections (ARI) in children in Sarwari Islamia College Hala on 19th July 1998. About 100 doctors participated in this seminar. World Health Organization has developed a protocol for the diagnosis and treatment
of acute respiratory infections in children less than 5 years of age. This protocol was presented in depth to the participants. Addressing on the occasion, Dr. Hadi Bakhsh Jotoi, Director General Health Govt of Sindh said that doctors should serve the underprivileged communities and should
devote themselves for the service of suffering mankind. He appreciated HANDS for its efforts for the upliftment of underprivileged rural communities. Prof. Abdul Gaffar Billoo, Chairman HANDS said that WHO protocol for ARI is so simple that it can be implemented even in the remotest village by a health worker. He said that 260,000 children under 5 years of age die each year in Pakistan due to ARI. Other speakers of the seminar were Dr. Inayat Hussain Thaver, Dr. Shams un Nissa Ansari, Dr. Iqbal Memon and Dr. Sh. Tanveer Ahmed. The Seminar was organized by HANDS with the cooperation of Basic Health Services Sindh and Department
of Pediatrics, Civil Hospital Karachi.

Independence Day Celebrations In HANDS Community Schools; Independence day celebrations were held through out country on 14th August. HANDS community click here to see the full imageschools in Hala also organized special programs to mark this auspicious day. Local community based organizations and village education committees took great interest in celebrations. The colorful
program included national songs, poems, speeches and skits depicting national sprit. HANDS staff, teachers, students and members of village education committees (VEC) joined celebrations in jubilation.

Hands Organized Seminar On Hypertension; A one-day seminar on Hypertension (increased blood pressure) was organized on 27th September 1998 in Sarwari Islamia College Hala. One hundred and fifty participants took part in the seminar. Hypertension was discussed in detail, particularly prevention and measures to reduce the risk of developing hypertension were highlighted in the seminar. Those who delivered their expert speeches included Prof. Hussain Bakhsh Kolachi, Dr. Zaman Baloch, Dr. Muhammad Khan, Dr. Prail Channa, Dr. Moazzam Ali Zaidi and Dr. Noor Ali Samoon. Pakistan Medical Association Hala, Sindh Rural Coordination Council and Memon Social Welfare Association cooperated with HANDS in organizing
this seminar.

Eye Camp Organized In Gadap; HANDS organized an eye camp in Haji Pir Bux village, Gadap, Karachi. More than 225 patients suffering from various eye diseases were examined and medicines click here to see the fulll imagewere provided to them free of cost. Patients having refractive errors were provided with spectacles. The eye camp was organized with the cooperation of Feroza Hasham Foundation, Isra Islamic Eye Hospital, Dehi Sindh Traqiati Council (DESTAC) and local community based organizations.

HANDS Participation in Relief Work for Flood Affectives of Makran, Baluchistan; An unexpected rain and flood hit badly many districts of Baluchistan and caused heavy losses of lives and property. A number of villages have destroyed completely and thousands of people become homeless. For consolation of the people of Baluchistan a three-member team of HANDS moved to the affected area and took part in the relief work for the victims in the area of Makran. Seventy villages of the area have been demolished by flood, while 1500 persons were reported missing. There was a danger of epidemics since infectious diseases were on the rise. HANDS team comprising of Dr. Muhammad Ali, Ms. Rashida Tahir and Ms. Yasmeen Rahim along with local community workers, formed 2 mobile dispensaries and visited Korjo, Kunar Bazar, Dunke Bazar, Gaodan, Umri Khan, Sari Bazar, Rasool Baksh Bazar, Toulgani Mutag, Langasi Bashui and Hussadi. They examined 725 patients and provided medicines to them. Mr. Muneer Gichki of SPO was Incharge of relief work. The team served the suffering people in the affected area for four days i.e 17th March to 20th March 1998.

British Council Selected HANDS for Scholarship; Dr. Anjum Fatima, Research Coordinator, HANDS left UK on 8th February 1998 to participate in 14 weeks training course sponsored by British Council. This training was offered by the British Government, Department for International Development (DFID). This course will be conducted in Leeds University and will comprise of various models in Management, Planning and Training strategies in the field of health.

Documentary Film on HANDS; HANDS has rapidly transformed into a training institute after fifteen years experience in primary health care and community development. HANDS Information Resources Cell has prepared a documentary film to introduce its activities and working methodology to NGOs and government departments. This documentary film has been made in Urdu, Sindhi and English. Shots of this film were taken in villages of Hala and Karachi.

Thardeep Rural Development Program Visit; HANDS and DESTAC conducted an exposure visit to Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP) from October 16-18, 1998. The team visited TRDP centers in Mithi, Islamkot,Chilhar and Chachro. The team was briefed about TRDP
activities especially micro credit scheme in the local villages of district Thar by Dr. Sono Khangarani, Mr. Naro Mall, Mr. Gopal Das. HANDS with DESTAC met and discussed with the local communities in the area.

World Bank Meeting; World Bank organized the 4th Asia Pacific Conference in Bangkok from June 30 - July 3, 1998. More than 24 NGOs, which are taking part in different projects of the World Bank participated in the conference. Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, Program Coordinator HANDS, Mr. Javed Jabbar (Bannhn Beli), Ms. Shaheen Atiq ur Rehman (Bunyad) and Ms. Seema Balcoh (World Bank) participated in this conference from Pakistan. This conference discussed the World Bank policies in different regions and means to increase cooperation between NGOs and the World Bank. Three committees were formed in this meeting, which will look into the different
problems and performance of project locally, regionally and globally. This was also decided that NGOs will participate in preparation of development report of the Word Bank. NGOs will also participate in recommendation of loans from World Bank to different countries.

Safe Motherhood Conference; WHO celebrated 1998 as the year of Safe Motherhood. A number of ceremonies have been held through out the year to grace this occasion. HANDS also organized a conference on Safe Motherhood in Rangoonwala Hall, Karachi on May 10, 1998. More than 550 participants from villages of Karachi and Hala along with Govt. Officials and technocrats from NGOs participated in the conference.

Safe Motherhood Conference; The objective of this conference was to highlight problems of pregnancy related disorders and create awareness about the issue. Besides speeches from eminent scholars, case studies, songs, skits and quiz competitions were held which were actively participated by health workers from different villages. Prof. Inayat Thaver, Dean Faculty of Health Management Sciences, Baqai Medical University and General Secretary HANDS welcomed the participants. Prof. Gaffar Billoo in his speech told the audience that proper care and examination during pregnancy might prevent many complications and maternal deaths. Prof. Sadiqa Jafary, President National Committee on Maternal Health claimed that Maternal Mortality Rate in Pakistan is 450/100,000 pregnancies which is among the highest in the world. Other speakers included Ms. Perveen Shaikh, Provincial Coordinator Beigjing Followup Unit. Ms. Noorun Nissa Ghanghro WWF, Ms. Zubaida Birwani - Shirkatgah. A cultural exhibition was also organized at the venue, exhibiting local handicrafts and the village life. Prizes were awarded to the winners of various competitions beside best male, female health workers best village and best mother from each village.

HANDS Participations in NGO - Govt. Dialogue Meeting; Prof. Abdul Gaffar Billoo Chairman HANDS briefed HANDS project of Social Action Program to the participants of Govt. - NGOs dialogue. The meeting was organized by NGORC with the collaboration of Planning and Development Division Govt. of Sindh to increase cooperation between Govt. Sector and NGOs, participating in Social Action Program (SAP) in Sindh. HANDS was among the 30 NGOs that took part in the program. Mr. Salik Nazeer Ahmed Additional Chief Secretary Sindh and Mr. Dominos Odeh, Chief Multidonor support Unit (MSU) were among the participants. HANDS is
running 24 mother and child health care centers and 24 non formal schools in rural areas of Hala, Matriai, Shehdadpur and Tando Adam Covering a population of about 150,000.

HANDS Team Meets World Bank And Health Department; HANDS General Secretary and Program Coordinator had a meeting on April 98, with Dr. Younus Chachar, Deputy Director Family Health Project, Govt. of Sindh. They discussed the HANDS proposed project on family health. Another meeting in this regard was held on April 23, 1999 with Dr. Inam
and Ms. Shahnaz, representatives of World Bank.

Internal Evaluation of HANDS; HANDS has started its community development program since 1979 mainly in the field of health and education. This work has mushroomed and expanded to many folds. To have a detail insight of HANDS working, executive committee from June 9-23, 1998 conducted an internal evaluation of HANDS. This evaluation was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Inayat Thaver, Dean Faculty of Health Management Sciences Baqai Medical University. Other in the team were Dr. Najma Lalji, Dr. Ibrahim Shah, Ms. Nayab Burni and Ms. Mussarat Asad, all from Department of public health sciences, Baqai Medical University They conducted interviews with HANDS staff, community health workers, CBOs and village people, both in rural areas of Karachi and Hala. Fifty students lady health visitors from public health school participated in this evaluation.